ProximityParks origins begin at Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2014, where we engaged in a deep introspective and exploratory process that lasted more than 2 years. Our goal was to find an exciting investment niche around which to build a modern, scalable, and environmentally conscious real estate company. We wanted this niche to benefit from a secular macro trend, have structurally attractive supply-demand dynamics and allow for us to innovate, pioneer and become its leaders.

After rounds of research, vetting and iteration, several trips across the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America, and countless of enriching conversations (including some life-changing ones) with wise professors, investors and entrepreneurs the world over, ProximityParks was founded in 2017, becoming the first pure-play last mile industrial real estate investment company, focused on Latin America.

The ProximityParks Founders Fund was then launched in 2019, with the first portfolio property acquisition shortly thereafter. From then on, our talented team has grown steadily, keeping pace with exciting developments in our property and tenant portfolio. As we grow and evolve, what sets us apart is our firm belief that the business decisions and practices of today must exceed the standards of tomorrow. We’re always thinking ahead.

“As time progresses, society judges you based on the lenses of the future. At ProximityParks, we are always thinking about how to be a great company, how to act more sustainably, and how to be good neighbors.”

– Mario Berlanga, Founder & Managing Partner


To be the largest and most recognized last mile industrial real estate company in the world and to become a household name.


To unleash companies’ potential to reach their customers and exceed their expectations in an efficient, profitable and responsible manner.


To provide best-in-class last mile industrial real estate with remarkable service, that is net-positive and value-forward for businesses, people, cities and the environment.

Our core business principles


We choose to be purposeful, to innovate in meaningful ways that significantly improve the category we are in, the businesses we serve, the environment we draw resources from, as well as the relationships we foster.


We uphold creativity, resourcefulness and contrary-thinking. For this reason, we believe in Einstein’s philosophy: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination gives birth to evolution.”


We believe that an emphasis on high performance paired with a merit-based system creates a culture of like-minded, competent people who are driven to be their best, individually as well as collectively, and are rewarded accordingly.


We make decisions with a long-term vision for profitability rather than quick unsustainable wins. Our approach to growing with purpose allows us to achieve profitability while creating wellbeing for all parties involved.


We believe in transparent relationships with everyone. We have a duty to be upfront and clear with all stakeholders in order to build trust and mutual understanding.

We look for ways to remove barriers and to promote open communication. We are honest so that we can enjoy fruitful and long-lasting relationships.

Win-Win Partnerships.

Solid partnerships are the hallmark of achievement, efficiency and opportunity. Through aligned incentives, open communication, respect, understanding and collaboration, we can build great things. Together we prosper, without taking advantage or cutting corners.


We believe in doing the right thing, the right way, always.

We value uncompromising integrity in relationships. That means we are honest, fair and decent with all people. We hold ourselves accountable and deliver on our promises. This commitment extends to the environment. We respect existing resources and work to utilize them better in order to reduce waste on the planet.

Adriana Gutiérrez

Financial Manager & Investment Associate

Alejandra Arroyave

Head of Marketing

Alberto Caballero

Facilities Coordinator

Alfonso Sánchez

Senior Investments Associate

Alfredo García

Regional Property Manager

Alfredo Martínez

Senior Accountant

Andrea Flores

Permits & Government Relations

Ángel Parada

Architecture Associate

Azul Argüelles


Antonio Romero

Facility Coordinator

Daniela Flores

Accountant Analyst

Diana Macal

Senior Accountant

Diego Chávez

Commercial Associate

Gerardo Zambrano

Investment Committee Member

Estefania Tirado

FP&A Analyst

Elideth Estrada

Site Supervisor

Gustavo Ramirez

Pre-development Analyst

Héctor Salazar

Head of Legal & Compliance

Hugo Peréz

Partner, CCO

Jaime Guerrero

Partner, COO

Jhoana Martínez

Senior Architecture Associate

Jorge Hernández

Project Manager

José Alejandro Ventura

Senior Controller & Head of Compliance

José Luis Altamirano

Senior Property Manager

Juan Enrique Ramos

Strategic Advisor

Laura Estevez

Property Management Analyst

Lennard van Vloten


Maque Taja

Head of People & Culture

Marco Aguilar

Accountant Analyst

Mario Berlanga

Managing Partner, CEO

Marino Mendoza

BIM Coordinator

Mark Hartmann

Investment Committee Member & Senior Advisor

Maria Antonieta Gutiérrez

Financial Associate

Matthew Tierney

Investment Committee Member

Mizael Álvarez

Construction Director

Rafael Pradillo

Construction Manager

Rodrigo Montero

Property Management Director

Rodrigo Villanueva

Logistics Intelligence Associate

Sofía Rodríguez

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Tania Fernández

Sustainability Coordinator

Tania Mora

Graphic Designer

Victor Daniel Mendoza

Senior Accountant

Last mile industrial real estate is our core and our sole focus, thanks to the expertise and experiences of our talented team.

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