cost-efficient delivery

to millions of urban customers.

That's what our strategically located ProximityParks are designed for.

Proximity to urban customers allows for shorter delivery times and more drops made on a single delivery route. This means more productive drivers and less vehicles contributing to urban traffic and CO2 emissions.

What's more, our tenants can serve their customers faster and at a lower cost, leading to increased customer satisfaction, accelerated growth and higher profitability.

This is an allround win for customers, cities, the environment and forward-thinking companies.

cost-efficient delivery
to millions of urban customers.

Infrastructure that’s optimized for performance.

Infrastructure that’s optimized for performance.

Our state-of-the-art last mile industrial parks help companies build out their business.

We provide our tenants with spaces purposely designed for efficient logistics in the last mile. Each ProximityParks offers a highly functional warehouse layout, ample maneuvering yard and parking within a safe and enclosed park setting.

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We Make the Last Mile
Better for Everyone.

At ProximityParks, we approach last mile real estate differently.

Better for consumers. Better for companies. Better for cities. Better for the environment. In two words, net positive.

Each ProximityParks is engineered to a higher environmental and social standard. We prioritize the wellbeing of our tenants, their employees, the communities we are part of and the environment.

Bringing our tenants closer to their customers while reducing their carbon footprint is what moves us. Learn about the ESG policies that are central to our culture and business.

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We Make The
Better for Everyone.

The ProximityParks Standard

The ProximityParks Standard

Introducing a new standard for last mile industrial real estate:

World-class infrastructure
· Appealing facades and corporate storefronts
· Heavy-duty concrete floors in excellent condition
· New electrical installation and equipment
· Concrete ramps for in module access
· Heavy-duty asphalt patios & ample maneuvering yards
· Loading docks with new doors, ramps, levelers and bumpers
· Dedicated employee and visitor parking
· Flexibility to subdivide

Security & Safety
· Private security, controlled access & CCTV
· Fire protection systems and water tanks

Employee Wellbeing
· Equipped and comfortable bathrooms in each module
· Maintenance & landscaping
· Beautiful common areas including cafeterias and resting areas

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