How Our Business Practices Make A Difference

We aim for outstanding business practices that improve the environment and the wellbeing of people.

Our ESG commitments are fundamental towards achieving sustainable growth over the long term.

The Environment

Bringing our tenants closer to their customers while reducing their carbon footprint is an important part of the reason why we exist.

To minimize our impact, we utilize existing resources and sustainable technologies. We return plots and buildings to a productive state that injects green spaces and prosperity into the communities we operate in.

To ensure that our properties meet the highest sustainability standards, we work with independent global auditors and target gold and platinum USGBC LEED certifications for our entire portfolio.

The Community

We build beautiful properties that visually enhance communities and that create jobs and prosperity for the people that live there.

Jobs that allow people to work closer to home, and that free up valuable personal time which would otherwise be spent on commuting long distances.

Our properties are designed to promote the well-being of their occupants through comfortable spaces that allow people to rest, recharge and connect, in order to continuously perform at their best.

Because our properties are located inside dense city areas, respecting traffic restrictions as well as minimizing vehicle and noise impact to neighborhoods is of vital importance.

At our own offices, we promote healthy, inclusive, open and meritocratic working environments that reward people fairly and that stimulate their progress.

Governance, Compliance and Risk

We are committed to transparency, accountability, and information security. To this end, we continuously study and implement standards that match or outperform the world's leading investment firms.

Our detailed Quarterly Updates provide a very high level of transparency, while our Limited Partner Advisory Committee, the external advisors on our Investment Committee and the Advisory Board take part in all important decisions, including those that could give rise to potential conflicts of interest on our side.

In addition, we have world leading firms audit our company's processes and financial statements and a strict internal compliance manual to provide in-depth guidance to our team.

Lastly, we work with top tier IT security firms and expert tooling to ensure that our company's and our investors’ data is secured to the highest standards available.


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“If we’re going to do it, let's do it the right way. Our work should reflect the way we want the world to be.”

- Lennard van Vloten, Founder & Partner